Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Additional notes

I forgot to mention on the last post but while taking that detour last night the roads were wet and this local driver came flying around and jacked on his brakes which threw his trailer into a jacknife which missed my driver's side mirror by about an inch. Wow. Talk about some heart pounding moments.


Arrived in NYC

Hello again. I arrived in NYC at around 0600 GMT this morning. On my way in, I had to detour around the Cross Bronx Expressway due to another rig having an accident in a one lane construction zone and bursting into flames. :o
Anyways, I'm now sitting at the Hunt's Point Meat Market located in the Bronx , waiting for my delivery time to arrive and then I'll be heading to my final stop for this load in Westwood, Massachusetts.
Well, that's all for now.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Ask me Anything

Ok. So it's been a while. Sorry. I was trying to figure out what to post about next that would generate some comments and this is what came up with.
Ask me anything that tickles your fancy including anything you would like to see me post about and I'll give it a few days and then post responses. Cool.

Later Dudes,

Saturday, June 13, 2009


First of all, I want to thank those of you who commented on my last two posts. Second of all for the rest of you out there, I donzt want you to think that i'm flip-flopping on the subject either. Please allow me to explain.
I have just made a cross country move here in the US and I've been feeling kind of lonely because I haven't been able to see my friend.
In other news, I was chatting with Matt from "Rhythm Changes" yesterday and he asked me if I was like the typical truck driver as far as size goes and what not. It kind of hurt my feelings a little because I'm a person too. For those of you who don't know, I'm a big guy...abt 350lbs and 6 feet tall. Kind of like a football player.
I'm sorry about this post being all over the place but these are just a few things I wanted to get out.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maybe I Was Wrong

Alright, I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong about something so here goes.
I wrote the previous post after having a conversation with a good friend of mine. The feedback that you guys gave me was awesome and I really appreciate it.
However for some reason I find myself feeling kind of lonesome and pouty and wanting someone of my own who will love me for the man I am on the inside and not just the outside. After experiencing these emotions over the last couple of days I can now see why these online relationships develop so quickly and easily because for those of the younger generationn who are just coming out or maybe not yet are grasping at these relationships as their proverbial lifeline. I can see that now and for any of you out there who I have offended with my previous post, please forgive me. I get it now. I LOVE you all.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Groowin Up Gay and the Relationships we Encounter

First of all, I would like to take the opportunity to welcome everyone to "National Gay Pride" month as declared by President Obama earlier this month. Yay!!!
I know that I don't get a whole lot of chances to post regularly however I try to read every day. As many fellow bloggers out here have noticed and mentioned as of late, we have seen several prominent bloggers who have either gone on a haitus or quit blogging completely due to "online" relationships going afoul or some seriously negative commenting.
When I came to this community, I was in search of a group of folks who shared similar views as myself and so that we could share amongst ourselves and also to support one another in their times of need. For the most part that is what I have found. I first happened on to this community through Mirrorboy's blog and I read his and most of the rest of you who have been blogging for more than 6 months.
Sorry about all that drivel, but I wanted to give you a little background first.
*He now steps up to the podium with gear shifter in one hand and gavel in the other with a scowl upon his face*
As a father of 4 children, 2 of whom are teenage boys, the "relationships" that I see you guys going through online troubles me. Now before you all start throwing things at me, let me clarify. Most of you in the younger generation here I have spoken with at some point or another and I have found you to be upstanding young men who have plans to go to college or uni or some type of trade school after finishing high school.
I also understand the need and desire to be wanted and loved by someone, wether it be in real life or online. I guess the key thing to remember here is that the majority of us started blogging here for pretty much the same reasons that I did and therefore in my closeted, "creepy-old guy" opinion, I would think that you would apply the same concepts of what brought you here to blogland to any relationships that you might enter into in blogland.
In closing folks, please remember that the people you speak with out here will more than likely never grace your presence in real life and therefore don't allow them to "get in your head" and effect you in real life. Those would bed my humble words of wisdom for today.
For those of you, like myself, who are out here in real life looking for that special someone, be patient and true love will find us all.

Friends Forever

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Move

OMG. I am never doing that again. I hate moving. On a side note, I did get my friend whom I like to help me load up in SLC.
Man did he have a gr8 looking ass. Hold on. He's here. Im going to have to mess with him....brb
Oh...your still bere. Well he let me touch his ass. Of course, he doesn't know I'm gay, but when we were loading the pickup truck he lost his balance and fell right into my arms.
Wow. I almost told him right then and there.
Well, sorryy about the short post but I can only do so much from this pda.